Nothing on the internet is private –
until now.

Finally, freedom to share (or not). Privy offers a seamless messaging experience while giving you unprecedented control and ownership over your photos.

Easy to use.

Quickly create, edit, and share photos and videos.


Seamless, secure messaging on our end-to-end encrypted network keeping private content secure.


Protect your content, even from 3rd party devices. No one can see or share your messages without your permission (not even us).

Snap & Share

Storage & sharing in one place.

No more switching between apps to send messages and photos. Use our integrated camera to easily capture, edit, and store your photos with features like blur and crop. Invite your friends using your private link for easy sharing and messaging.

Manage Content

Your media under your control.

Manage all aspects of your content before, during, and after you share. Want to stop sharing content you've already sent? Permanently revoke access with one touch of a button.- Block screenshots.
- Restrict downloads.
- Auto blur & crop.
- Set time-restrictions.
- Revoke or grant access.

HOW it works

Privacy & security powered by Blockchain

Privy uses private blockchain technology to add a unique digital signature to your assets. Every piece of content you share is registered to you like an anonymous digital copyright. This state-of-the-art technology ensures your privacy and ownership are never compromised. Privy allows you to own your online presence like never before.

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